At we process tiny, ancient seeds, often called oil-seeds, into industrial products.  

The “cradles of civilization” are regions, like Turkiye,  where people of great skill and intelligence transformed themselves from hunting and fishing societies into animal herding societies and eventually into societies which cultivated land to produce sufficient grains to feed larger and larger herds and flocks and even fish.  

Of course, producers of grains have always selected the largest seeds from the best crops to use as planting seeds.  By always using the largest seeds as planting seeds, resourceful farmers were able to continuously increase the grain weight per hectare from their cultivation.  

After thousands of years of selection for seed size, the grains used for animal feed became hundreds of times larger than the “germ” of the seed, the protein-center that actually grows.  In contrast, Teff, the ancient seed still used in Ethiopia remains as small as a grain of sand….hundreds of times smaller than our wheat, barley, corn, rye and oats.  And people in Ethiopia are famous for their running abilities, health and longevity.    

Larger seeds are mostly starch or carbohydrates, good for fattening livestock, but not good sources of 18-amino-acid-protein, the nutrient responsible for human health….or for anything valuable.  After WWII US Multinationals built factories all over the World to process these starch grains into thousands of cereals, breads, pastas, rice and millions of snack foods.  The well-rewarded  Minions of US Multinationals, recently called Globalists, then began their efforts to discourage the use of domestic animals for food, dishonestly blaming animal protein for the obvious debilitation that results, inevitably, from starchy, carbohydrate diets.  Those who live on real-protein, 18-amino-acid-protein remain healthy in old age. Those who live on starchy carbohydrates are progressively debilitated with hardened arteries, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes….so they vote for governments that offer “free insulin”, “free monitoring”, “free medications”, and excessive regulation of the food and health industries.  

My partner and I represent 155 years of experience.  We do not need any pills.  We have worked 16 hour days most of our lives producing animal protein and/or machines for processing ancient small seeds.  We never get sick unless we catch a real disease like Malaria or Covid-19.  

But Canada is not a Real-Country now.  It has become so dominated by US Globalists that although Canada has more oil and gas than Russia, Canada has only one energy customer…the US.  Although Canada has more metals and minerals than Russia, no new mine has been allowed to proceed in Canada for over 50 years.  Although we can produce more food than Russia, our farmers are choked with so much regulation that we are only able to supply our single customer…the US.  Canada has become a pantry for US Globalists who plan to use our resources while they destroy Russia and China and all of those partners in the “Belt and Road Initiative” who are determined to produce as much as possible to eliminate World Poverty.  My partner and I are leaving Canada.       

Our focus over the last 50 years has been in producing and processing small ancient seeds, often called “Oilseeds” because they always have much more oil than carbohydrates.  We have worked with Mustard, Camelina, Flax, Sunflower, Safflower, Canola, Rapeseed and Hempseed.  The proteins from each of them are similar, as are the oils.  

We have designed and constructed facilities for processing small-seed proteins into fillers, binders and emulsifiers.  We have designed and constructed facilities for processing their shells and fibers into building materials and fabrics as well as graphene for making batteries and capacitors.  We have designed and constructed facilities for refining and processing their oils so they can be used in lubricants, plastics, inks, paints, linoleums, and building materials.  This site will introduce the industrial products that we have learned to make from tiny-ancient-oil-seeds.